between 5 and 18mm

PP - strapping

Advantages of PP strapping:

Due to their elasticity, polypropylene straps adapt to various forms of packaging without causing damage. This economical packaging solution is therefore ideal for sealing and reinforcing packages and securing light to heavy pallet loads.

The PP strapping can be used with fully and semi-automatic machines. The use for manual strapping with, for example, our dispenser boxes is of course also possible.

Our printed PP strapping tapes have the great advantage that there is no difference in quality to the unprinted tape. Printing uses our proven “inline” process. The pressure is carried out directly during production.

PET and polyester thread tape

The alternative to steel strip for your dispatch processing

Compared to conventional steel strapping, PET strapping is much more cost-effective to produce and purchase.

In addition, it is much easier to process due to its flexibility and low weight. Since PET strapping has no sharp edges, the packer has a lower risk of injury during processing.

Disposal is also easier and cheaper than with its steel counterpart. One of the most obvious advantages is the high corrosion resistance or rust-free nature of the material. This means that even on sensitive surfaces no visible traces are left behind and it can also be used for sea freight shipments without any problems.

Polyester thread tape

Printed PP strapping

With polyester thread tape there are no more problems with transport security, because it can guarantee a very high tensile strength, water resistance, UV and heat resistance.

Due to its suppleness, polyester thread tape does not injure your product and therefore in many cases allows you to do without edge protection. Polyester thread tape is always the first choice for transport protection of glass and synthetic glass plates. Packages, boxes, barrels, bags, pipes, machines, metal parts – even waste bales can be secured firmly and economically with polyester thread tape.

Equipment and Machinery

Voll- und Halbautomat

Der Vollautomat
ist mit einer Ultraschall-Höhenerkennung der Kartonagen ausgestattet, wodurch vollautomatisch bei verschiedenen Höhen verschiedene Umreifungsspannungen gewählt werden.

Die halbautomatische Umreifungsmaschine
schont die Umwelt, dank einer eingebauten Stromsparschaltung läuft der Motor nur während des Umreifungsvorgangs. Dadurch wird auch ein besonders leiser Betrieb gewährleistet. Trotzdem bleibt die Umreifungsmaschine bei Bedarf einsatzbereit, da die Schweißeinheit weiterbeheizt wird.

Finden Sie ausserdem weitere kleine Helfer auf unserer Produktseite.

Edge protection corners

Vorteile unserer Kantenschutzecken:

  • schützen die Kanten Ihrer Packstücke
  • umweltfreundlich, zu 100% aus Recycling-Kunststoff
  • zur Anwendung mit allen gängigen Umreifungsbändern geeignet
  • zum Schutz von Zurrgurten und Ladung
  • zur Erhöhung der Sicherheit und Stabilität der Packstücke und Paletten
  • zum Schutz vor Kantenbeschädigungen während Transport und Lagerung

Packaging buckles

The packaging buckles are suitable for fast and mobile strapping.

Vorteile der PP Verpackunsschnallen:

  • Verpacken ohne Umreifungsgerät
  • Nachjustierbarkeit

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13 mm 1000 Stück / Tasche 10 Beutel / Karton 16 Kartons / Palette
16 mm 1000 Stück / Tasche 5 Beutel / Karton 24 Kartons / Palette